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I'm Rebe Huntman
Memoirist, essayist  poet, & writing coach

I'm Rebe Huntman

Memoirist, essayist, poet & writing coach

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“My Mother in Havana lifts the veil between the living and the dead and makes believers of us all. This story of a mother's absence and a daughter's need is written with a lyricism that filled my heart with beauty while also making it ache for loved ones lost. This is a stunning debut.” —Lee Martin, author of the Pulitzer Prize Finalist, The Bright Forever

“I closed this book believing more than ever that the people we love, including the people we’ve been, never really leave us.” —Maggie Smith, New York Times bestselling author of You Could Make This Place Beautiful


Writing with a physicality of language that moves like the body in dance, Rebe Huntman, a poet, choreographer, and dancer, embarks on a pilgrimage into the mysteries of the gods and saints of Cuba and their larger spiritual view of “the Mother.” Huntman offers a window into the extraordinary yet seldom-seen world of Afro-Cuban gods and ghosts and the dances and rhythms that call them forth. As she explores the memory of her own mother, interlacing it with her search for the sacred feminine, Huntman leads us into a world of séance and sacrifice, pilgrimage and sacred dance, which resurrect her mother and bring Huntman face to face with a larger version of herself.

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Obsessed with all things Cuba, with artists who defy convention to forge their own path, and with creating beauty from the unpredictability of our lives, I’ve been writing my story since 1964.


My essays, poems and short stories have been published in places like The Southern Review, CRAFT LIterary, Ninth Letter, South Loop Review, Sonora Review, Tampa Review and The Pinch.

A recipient of the Ohio Individual Excellence Award, I hold an MFA in creative nonfiction from The Ohio State University and teach creative writing and marketing for artists online and at the Columbus College of Art & Design. 

Both e’s in my name are long.

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