You have an idea for a memoir or series of personal essays. Now what?  

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to start or get back to writing your story, but something keeps getting in your way. Maybe you think your life isn’t interesting enough, or you don’t know where to start. Or you keep thinking you’ll get around to it tomorrow.

Or maybe you’ve started writing, but you’re not sure what your efforts are adding up to.


Wherever you are in your writing process, I’m here to give you the tools, confidence and direction you need to break through writer’s block, give you a clear starting place, and begin writing your story today.
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What’s inside the 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp

  • Weekly video lessons that teach you the key craft elements you need to master so you can make the life you’ve lived as vivid for your readers as it is for you 

  • Daily writing prompts, exercises, and revision challenges designed to generate fresh ideas and material for your memoir

  • Tips & hacks for approaching your memoir in manageable chunks

  • Tools for bypassing your inner critic so you can get your stories onto the page

  • Resources to help you build routines and habits that support your writing practice

  • Strategies for shaping and polishing what you’ve written into pages of stunning prose

  • A clear action plan to help you move forward with your project long after you finish this course

What’s not inside the 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp

The 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp is a self-guided course designed to get you moving on your memoir. It does not provide feedback on the writing you produce. Upon completion of this course, you may want to consider signing up for The Writing Lab, which gives you monthly, individualized coaching and feedback on your writing.

Or you can email me to inquire about adding a personalized coaching feature to the 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp. Rates vary depending on the scope of feedback you are looking for.

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I want the 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp to be accessible to everyone who wants to tell their story. 

If you’re ready to write yours, you’re in the right place. You can reserve your membership inside the 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp for $197.

Or, if it makes it easier, you can make four monthly payments of $59.

The 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp launches September 1, 2022.  


I'm ready to join for $197
I'm in for the payment plan: 4 x $59
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Ready to start?

The 28-Day Memoir Writing Bootcamp launches September 1, 2022. Reserve your spot today.

My promise

I’ve designed this course to deliver the best of my teaching to you. If after seven days you don’t feel like the 28-Day Memoir Bootcamp is helping you to reach your writing goals, just email me, show me the work you’ve done, and I’ll refund your course fee. 

Count me in for $197

I’m in for the payment plan: 4 x $59


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