You’ve been wanting to start or get back to a regular writing practice. You have stories to tell, but you’re looking for the confidence, the tools, the space, time, accountability or inspiration to get those stories onto the page. 

Perhaps you worry you’re not a good enough writer, or that you have nothing to say. You think you need more formal training, or you worry that other people won’t like what you have to say. 

Or maybe you struggle to make writing part of your daily routine. Or you’ve grown tired of feeling like you’re writing in a vacuum.

Wherever you are in your process, I’m here to help you put your writing practice back on the front burner.                          

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What’s inside The 7-Day

Writing Challenge

  • Daily challenges, strategic tools, and action plans to help you create a more positive and productive writing mindset, build better habits, and start writing your story today

  • Daily writing prompts designed to kickstart your creativity and inspire new work, no matter what genre you’re working in

  • Tips and hacks for creating more space and time for your writing

  • Secrets for getting out of your own way as a writer

  • Strategies for designing a writing routine and process that fits you and your lifestyle 

  • Tools for bypassing your inner critic so you can get your stories onto the page

  • Resources to feed your writing habit

  • Tools and strategies to build a rich and rewarding writing life

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